IC-03 Card Capture Reader

for Card Return at Exit


The IC-03 card capture reader is designed to operate within an ACS as a device for reading, capturing and keeping proximity cards issued to visitors and meant for return at exit.

turnstiles 12 volts



IP41 Protection class


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The IC-03 card capture reader with a Wiegand interface connection with a controller is integrated into access control systems capable of recognizing Personnel / Guest cards. The IC-03 card capture reader is used to capture and store guest cards, when visitors are required to return the card upon leaving the facility.

The card capture reader operates with HID and EM-Marin cards (HID ProxCard II, ISO prox II; EM-Marin IL-05ELR, ЕМ4100).

The IC-03 operates together with an ACS controller and an operating device, such as a turnstile or a swing gate.

One of advantages of the PERCo card capture reader is ease and handiness in installation, use and service.

When leaving a facility a visitor drops the guest card down the card capture reader slot. After the card falls down to the card container an operating device unlocks allowing the visitor to pass.

Staff with permanent personnel cards can use the card capture reader as a regular reader. To pass just present the card at the card capture reader, the card will not fall down the card container.

Reading distance for EM-Marin cards – 8 cm, for HID cards – 6 cm.

Card container capacity – 350 cards.

Operating voltage
12 V DC
Standard Interface
Operating temperature range, under shelter
from +1 °C to +40 °C
IP Code
Warranty period
3 years from the date of sale of the product

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